Industrial pneumatic tools and accessories

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Industrial pneumatic tools and accessories

Uryu Tools

The undeniable advantages of Uryu products are profitability and sustainability. The ongoing commitment for SCM Tools is to meet the needs of its customers and provide products of the highest quality.

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Torque Tools

SCM Tools offers a complete range of torque wrenches, specially designed to meet your expectations in terms of productivity, accuracy and durability for most demanding applications. Our wrenches are powerful industrial tools, they also bring added value to our customers.

Balancer tools

ENDO has developed a range of high performance reels and balancing systems Products that assist your operators to produce in practice a high quality services every day.

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Connections and Accessories

Couplings and accessories for compressed air: Better performance in complete safety Stäubli offers a complete range of connectivity solutions for compressed air with many advantages. High quality materials are selected to ensure optimum performance, particularly reliable sealing and high throughput for all compressed air systems. Security is an important factor which is taken into account at all levels of product design: connection, operations and disconnection. In addition, Stäubli couplings reduce the maximum effort for the operator because of their ergonomics and the used materials lightness.

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